Ground 11 Communicating Design With Trezi

Ground 11 is a full-service architecture and urban design firm that creates exciting destinations out of their clients' tangible and intangible requirements. The firm prides itself on learning from each culture it interacts with and using those experiences to enrich their designs.


  • Ground 11 encourages clients to participate in the design process, but the design communication tools available to them previously did not facilitate this.
  • For a key design proposal presentation in Ghana, Ground 11 sought a new language to communicate design intent to their clients, instead of the traditional, static presentation vocabulary.


  • Ground 11 was one of Trezi’s Early Access Program participants and used the product for the pitch. They also decided not to carry any static 3D renderings or visuals to the presentation
  • After bringing their design into Trezi’s Work Space, they invited the client to walk through and experience the design being proposed in VR.
  • Other project stakeholders, including building product suppliers, were also invited to view the design.

Benefits to Ground 11

  • Improved design communication with Trezi significant differentiated Ground 11’s pitch from other design pitches.
  • Immediate understanding of the design proposal by their client and other project stakeholders
  • Quick decision by the client to award the project to Ground 11

Customer’s Feedback

Pranav Iyer

I undertake projects the world over, from India to Europe, Africa and North America. I have been consistently looking for a common vocabulary to present my design thoughts to my clients from different parts of the world. After trying out multiple design visualization tools to help achieve this, I must say that Trezi is the product that is helping me finally get there.

Pranav Iyer Design Principal at Ground 11 Pune