Bijoy Ramachandran of Hundredhands talks about how virtual reality in architecture has helped his architects improve design communications by using Trezi.


Venkataramanan Associates

Dhiraj Chilakapaty, at Venkataramanan Associates, explains how real-time virtual reality architectural walkthroughs via Trezi have helped VA become more productive.

Paperspace Immersive Workplace Design: the Trezi Way

Immersive Workplace Design: The Trezi Way

Paperspace, one of Asia’s leading design collectives with experienced interior designers and offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila. Their designers are known for fresh ideas that push the envelope of innovative design and alter industry standards. Check out how this international team is using real-time VR rendering and virtual tours in its projects.

Ground 11 Communicating Design With Trezi

Communicating Design With Trezi

Ground 11 is a full-service architecture and urban design firm that creates exciting destinations out of their clients’ tangible and intangible requirements. The firm prides itself on learning from each culture it interacts with and uses those experiences to enrich its designs. See how Ground 11 is using immersive technologies to involve its clients throughout the design process using virtual reality architectural walkthroughs.