VR Architecture Tainan Public Library

Why should you, as an architect adopt Trezi?


SmartVizX is a company founded by two experienced architects, Gautam and Tithi, who have a combined…

architecture firm using VR technology

GeoDesigns case study – How an interior design and architectural firm uses VR.


Background Established in 2000, GeoDesigns is a full-service interior design and architectural firm based in India,…

VR product for the AEC industry Engineer working on virtual reality architecture software

Collaborate better and save time using Trezi!!


Collaboration is the key to successfully delivering projects in any industry, and it matters all the…

Trezi representative explaining virtual Reality solution as an immersive technology for architect

What we have learned as a leading VR solutions provider in the AEC industry


Let me start with a fundamental question: why Trezi? And why a product for the AEC…