Trezi is a fully immersive Virtual Reality product that dramatically improves design collaboration for architects, designers and building product manufacturers.

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Immersive Design Collaboration for
Better Decisions

Trezi advances the understanding, communication and translation of architectural and interior design, as well as the building products used in these designs, for all stakeholders in the design process. This results in reduced errors and costs, faster and better decision making, and ultimately greater business impact and profitability.


Conduct design reviews & explore design options with specified building products with real-time VR rendering while making decisions with your design team and clients using Trezi’s editing features and rich libraries of materials, objects, and products. Share your design decisions via 360 virtual tours, snapshots and videos.


Select and convert architecture models, BIM objects and product catalogs from 3D modeling software to VR —Revit to VR, SketchUp to VR, and even Rhino and FBX - in Trezi’s work space to experience the whole design in a single, interactive, full-scale environment.


Refine the design, create new material and color palettes, find product options, all directly in Trezi’s Work Space using Trezi’s entourage and material libraries, and VR-ready building product catalogs.

How Trezi Works

From 3D model to VR, seamlessly

1. Launch

Launch your 3D architecture/interior design or building product model into Trezi’s immersive work space

2. Experience

Immediately experience your design or product at full scale and color

3. Present

Present design/product to clients or review collaboratively with colleagues and stakeholders

4. Evaluate

Evaluate design options with Trezi’s editing features and product catalogs

5. Finalize

Finalize and share decisions in a variety of output formats

Why Trezi?


Created by experienced architects with over 40 years of combined experience. Early development partners include global architecture & design firms and furniture manufacturers.


Centered on the design needs of stakeholders in the building industry, and is evolving to become the immersive platform for design collaboration in the building industry.

Customer Centricity

Empowers clients as partners in the design process. Customize individual experiences, or freely interact with the design to explore potential changes.

VR-first Platform

Fully immersive platform provides all participants with a greater perception and understanding of the space and design intent, and strengthens collaborative design review.

Professional Services

Backed by a team of 3D visual artists and developers who can help optimize your model geometry and get it VR-ready within a few hours.

Product Discovery & Selection

Search, discovery and selection of building products made easier with Trezi’s libraries and product catalogs.

Transform Your Design Experience Now

Trezi's Value Proposition

Improves design understanding and collaboration, resulting in better decisions

Reduces cost and wastage associated with physical models and mock-ups

Boosts sales and marketing which Improves overall client satisfaction